• Atlanta IT Services – About Us

    Atlanta IT Services – We’re About You. We would prefer our About Us page to say “About You”. Why? Because, our purpose is found in serving our customers’ needs.

    As you are researching Atlanta IT Services, we hope this site encourages you to engage us.

    I am Jeremy Ano, Co-Founder and CEO of Atlanta IT Services, Inc. “We See The BIg Picture” – this is our business motto. Yes, we are highly technical but we are not “IT Nerds”. Our solutions are firmly rooted in affordability and appealing to the actual needs of small businesses. All too often we hear from companies that have been sold very expensive and overly-complicated IT solutions; most of the time a more practical and less expensive approach would have given better results.

    We are certified, experienced and we can be as technical as any task requires. It has always been my personal vision to be “Customer Focused” instead of trying to shoe-horn customers into what we want to sell them.

    Atlanta IT Services Inc was started in 2004 and is a privately held joint venture between Jeremy Ano and Tim Denison. Jeremy manages the Network Services division and Tim manages the Data Conversion division. We have assisted over 250 companies worldwide with our Information Technology Services.

    With AITS, clients come first. contact us online with your Network Administration, Data Conversion, IT Outsourcing, Server Service, Website or other IT needs.



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