• CPA Firm

    CPA Firm Technologies include: Fiber, Cisco, Vmware, Dell, IBM, HP, Rack and Tower Systems, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, iPhones, Blackberry, Voip, Analog, Multi-Function Scanner / Copier / Network Printer, Epicor Accounting Software , IMIS Association Software, Cisco, APC, Dedicated Cooling, Access Control, NAS, SAN, Windows Servers, Windows 7, Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server , Terminal Services, Microsoft Office, PIX, Watchguard, Nortel, Idatix, Apple and more.

    Projects have included:
    Firewall Implementation Data Recovery / Disaster Recovery
    Onsite Backups
    Offsite Backups
    Hardware Upgrades / Server Replacements
    Migration from Physical to Virtual
    Desktop Upgrades
    Desktop Replacement
    Laptop and Desktop Sales and Service
    Wireless Implementation
    Lan Wiring Upgrade Cat5 Cat5e Cat6
    Phone System Replacement
    Internet Connectivity
    Software Upgrade

    IT support atlanta CPA Firm


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