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    1. Data Conversion to Viewpoint Construction Software
    2. Server and Workstation Selection
    3. Establish Internet and Remote Communications
    4. Network Administration

    Data Conversion for the Viewpoint Construction Software:
    Welcome to Atlanta Information Technology Services (AITS) Viewpoint Data Conversion. We have been providing data conversion services for Viewpoint clients since 1999. Since then, we have successfully converted 30 plus clients from various accounting systems to Viewpoint Construction Software. We help companies to successfully migrate from their legacy accounting and project management systems by automating the conversion process for importing master and transactional data records. Each conversion is customized for each company to meet their special needs. We help companies determine the most efficient and effective method for converting their data to ensure the successful and on-time migration and implementation.

    Frequently Asked Questions:


    What’s a typical Conversion?
    A typical conversion begins by the customer (implementation team) attending Viewpoint training in Portland. Once they return back to their office, the team will setup a test company within the Viewpoint Construction Software, establish a go-live schedule, and determine the data conversion scope. With the data conversion scope, AITS establishes a consistent and reliable connection to the legacy system(s) and Viewpoint Construction Software. Next, AITS creates customized scripts based on the customer’s needs to import the master record data into the test company such as the vendors, customers, employees and their deductions, equipment, jobs, chart of accounts, subcontracts, purchase orders and other non-transactional data. After the master records have been review, then AITS creates the scripts in import the detail transactional data such as general ledger detail by month, job cost detail by month, equipment cost and usage, account payables that applies to subcontracts, purchase orders, jobs and expense accounts. As each of the modules transactions are imported, the customer (team) verifies the integrity of the data. A couple of weeks prior to the conversion, a company copy is performed. A company copy will copy the company setup information from the test company to the live company. After the copy, the master files are updated with from the legacy. Typically, the legacy system is scheduled to end on a Friday and that weekend is when the conversion is finalized. On Monday, the payroll is ready and the rest of the modules follow as the reconciliations for each module is completed.

    How much history can be imported? 
    A several customers were migrating from an older system which they no longer wanted to support and maintain; therefore, they requested that all of the data be converted from their legacy system to Viewpoint. However, most customers select the following:

    1. Current job list with all of the job cost detail and related billings
    2. Open subcontracts and purchase orders with their related AP invoices
    3. Open payables plus history for the past year
    4. Current equipment list and the related cost and usage
    5. Several years of general ledger detail
    6. Employees, employee deductions and payroll accumulations
    7. All accounts receivables invoices, receipts and adjustments are import which typically leaves the correct open balance as well as the correct amounts billed and paid on the jobs.

    Is imported data required for training?
    No, it’s not required. However, AITS will work to provide converted data from the legacy system for the training sessions.

    Can you migrate to Viewpoint during the middle of the year?

    Yes, the migration can occur at any time throughout the year. Most customers will choose an end of month or quarter.

    What about the payroll issues for a mid-year conversion?

    The payroll accumulations are imported by month and reconciled to the penny for tax reporting, union reporting, etc.

    Does AITS provide a project management services for the implementation?
    Yes, we can assist companies in managing the implementation process.

    Can AITS assist in the hardware / software selection for our network?
    Yes, we have helped companies implement and maintain network systems from the Microsoft servers to the workstations.

    How does AITS charge for the data conversion services?
    AITS charges by the hour. The invoice will provide details of the number of hours, date, description of work performed, and by whom.

    Case Studies:

    Houston, TX – Construction Management System (CMS) on the AS/400
    This Texas general contractor company has been building on a century of trust with 97 years of business. With more than 600 active employees and multiple companies, AITS successfully converted companies from CMS on the AS/400 to Viewpoint Construction Software for a November 5 start date. AITS converted their vendors with the AP invoices, customers with AR invoices, chart of accounts with GL detail, jobs with the detail for revenue and cost, employees, and their subcontracts. What made this conversion unique? This company implemented the Viewpoint Human Resource module which is integrated with their payroll module.

    Snellville, GA – COINS (Unix) and StarBuilder (Microsoft SQL)
    This company is one of the largest heavy highway contractors for the state of Georgia. Their legacy accounting software was COINS. In addition, they acquired another company in the previous year which was running StarBuilder formerly GEAC in a Windows environment. Our objective was to convert both systems into one company in the Viewpoint Construction Software. Migrating from one system to another is challenging, however migrating from two different systems into one is more challenging. AITS developed scripts to merge the all of vendors, customers, chart of accounts, jobs, equipment, materials, human resource records, employees and their deductions, subcontracts and purchase orders. The detail transactions for some of the larger vendors and customers were consolidated into one account. All of the historical data for the jobs, general ledger, account receivables and payables dating back to the mid 1980’s was converted since the old servers were off maintenance.
    With all of the challenges of merging two separate systems into Viewpoint Construction Software, the system went live on time and it reconciled to the penny.

    Brookhaven, MS – CCAS, IBM RS/6000 Aix
    This heavy highway / asphalt company has been paving the way since 1947. There legacy accounting system CCAS operated on an IBM RS/6000 Aix Operating System with the old green screen terminals. AITS implemented there new network with IBM eSeries Servers, Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server, Printers, and there new IBM workstations running Microsoft Windows XP. After the new network was installed, the Viewpoint Construction System was installed. AITS continued by converting their data in detail from the CCAS to Viewpoint Construction Software. AITS converted their vendors with the AP invoices, customers with AR invoices, chart of accounts with GL detail, jobs with the detail for revenue and cost, employees, equipment, material with inventory on-hand, and their subcontracts.

    For Data Conversion Services, you can use the contact us form or Contact Tim Denison at:
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    Data Conversion

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