Have you ever wondered if you are getting the best deal on TV & Internet Service? That is what we will look at during this article. So, I have been a Comcast / Xfinity customer for over 10 years. Admittedly, they probably have the best internet service for non-fiber consumers. But lately, I have been really feeling like I am overpaying – especially with junk fees. So how do we check if we are really being ripped off? The first order of business is to download or print your current service provider’s bill. In my case, that is Xfinity. Here is the basic breakdown of my bill:


Notice they charged me $47.88 in equipment charges? How about the additional $14.31 connectivity, regulatory, broadcast and sports fees?

So now the hard part… evaluate what is available out in the marketplace…. I chose to cross-shop with AT&T since I have my cell phones with them. I already know I DON’T want a dish on my roof, so the only TV service from AT&T that would work for me would be UVERSE, which is basically TV signal delivered via an ethernet cable and wireless receivers in your house.

While started searching the AT&T website, I entered my address to check availability and found some pretty good looking deals. Here is what I found:

U300 All Included Plan          $105 /mo.
Plus taxes. for 24 mos. 1-year term req’d

Bundle highlights:
INCLUDED! Monthly equipment fees for up to 4 receivers, including an HD DVR
HD TV Includes up to 470 Channels and apps
Internet download is 50 Mbps
Unlimited internet data included

Wow! So now that I know what’s available, let’s look at the differences.

TV Service

TV Service


X1 Preferred Plus Triple Play               

Bundle $139.99+++

UVERSE U300 Plan


Equipment Fees: 47.88 monthly

No equipment fees



Sports Entertainment Pkg. $9.95 


Channel included in UVERSE

Voice: Addl Line – Basic $11.95

No Voice Lines Needed

Comcast Requires you to have voice lines

150MB down / 20MB Up

50Mb down / 10Mb up

Comcast is faster

 X1 Voice Remote Feature

Channel preview while surfing. Faster Tuning.


 Data Overage Fees

 Unlimited Data




Total Savings of $130.69

Bill Comparison
Comcast Bill Amount
uVerse Bill Amount

So I SWITCHED to uVerse ....

Well, I switched to uVerse. It only took 2 weeks to switch over. I have been very happy with the service thus far! A few things I have noticed:

  • Even though downloads take longer, I think DNS / response time may be better.
  • The TV changes channels faster, Comcast had an annoying logo / splash screen for each channel and took up to 5 seconds to tune to the channel. This takes all the fun out of channel surfing.
  • Although uVerse is missing the awesome X1 voice remote feature where you can talk to your remote and save a lot of time… there is a neat feature on uVerse… when you are on the menu screen, you can see a preview of the show on each channel as you hover over it.
  • Gigabit Fiber is being installed in my subdivision – It will only cost me another $30 per month to upgrade.
  • No overage fees or data limits.
  • Oh! And lastly, I have consolidated billing with my AT&T uVerse and wireless. Now I have only 1 bill to pay. They even gave me a 25 dollar per month discount for combining the bills (AT&T Video Loyalty Program).
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